Sell In May!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 21, 2008.

Sell in May?

  1. Get the hell out!

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  2. We are going higher!

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  1. Each May, it seems like a good time to exit and then come back during the fall. Is this time different? Should we sell now and get the hell out?
  2. 4 to 2. Thanks for the contrary indicator! :cool:
  3. es175


    Like a lot of people, I'd heard that line ' Sell in May'. However, when should one buy the market in the first place?

    I ran some tests on monthly S&P data once to find out.
    Buy on the first of month x, Flatten on the first of month y over 20 years or so.

    Turns out the best combination was Buy October 1st and Sell July 1st.
    Chart below shows the backtest where the seasonal trade is in black and buy & hold in red.

  4. Arnie


    It's an old saw on the street......

    "Sell in May and go away, don't come back 'till St. Albans Day"
  5. MGJ