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    Please view the word doc...

    Here are 4 reasons why funds may start taking profits in the USA summer. This may innocently start a deeper correction that could get ugly.

    With the massive leverage in the market a 10% correction will have the same effect on fund managers psyhce as a 30% watch out there below !!!

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    Do people actually base trades off this kind of horse shit?

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    Yip..they base there judgement on instinct, gut feel, etc

    I am saying, expect profit taking soon, that's all.

    The risk is what will this profit taking lead to.

    And why do you need to swear..are you an idiot that has trouble expressing your views.
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    thanks for convincing me your'e an idiot with too many crayons and no supervision.
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    Well looks like I am attracting immature 20 somethings with 10k in market, just after the made the decision that the USA housing is in a boom.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, ..then its a duck...
  6. Nicely done. Valid work....

    P.S. You will see cool stuff if you compare the DIA's 1933-1937 rally to the Naz Comp. The Dow in '37 reached .50 of it's 1929 high while the Naz Comp is trading right there as well. Similar time count as well......
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    So we are to expect "profit taking," are we? Thanks!

    You seem to know everything about the future including how people will feel. I envy you.
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    Well yes when you have a rally thats equal to 30% or so, a 10% correction is a serious level of proit taking, its not a trend change. But this time with massive leverage out there and tight debt gearing ratios and 10% correction could fall into a more serious plunge.

    My question is, does every one out the believe that 10% plus corrections are not longer part of a free market make up.

    So sell in May and come back after the risk is over.

    Bank your gains from Jan to May 07... try latter on in the year.

    Well thats a view is it not. There are many views out show me the love !!!
  9. wrong
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    What does this mean in English, please?
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