Sell imbalance question

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  1. Today GE had a sell imbalance of about 1.7million, and ge was trading at 14.45-14.47 then ended up closing 14.52

    Why would this happen?
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    hard to see....
  3. Imbalance when? It's constantly changing as long as I know (not an expert into that).
  4. I got the NYSE notification 20 minutes before closing.

    Is it possible someone was waiting at the last minute to buy up a bunch of GE and pushed the price up?

    About 1.2 million shares traded at the 12:40-43 time period

    and then around the last 6 minutes 4.9 million traded primarily upticks. So I guess the answer would probably be is the imbalance got cleared out the last 6 minutes and then the last jump was from the remainder of the trades?
  5. "Closing Imbalances:
    Closing Imbalance messages are disseminated every 15 seconds between 3:40pm EST and 3:50pmEST.
    Closing Imbalance messages are disseminated every 5 seconds between 3:50pm EST and 4:00pmEST (or until Market close on early closing days). "

    The 3:40 is not enough ;-)
    In the specification
  6. I only recieved on message this time. Does that mean since I no longer got the the imbalance messages it was corrected?

    Also is there a book or some reference that explains all these trading below or above specialist messages and other assorted stuff I get on the screen.
  7. I also payed the imbalance on GE today the key to playing the imbalance is to use the cross or the sell @ market close button.
    unfortunately I waited to long to hit the button and was rejected meaning the imbalance was already matched. Today the closing cross was .53 cents really not that big.. WFC was the nice cross today.