Sell Everything Else and Buy Silver

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  1. This week's silver analytics scream that poor men should be buying the poor man's gold. In the unlikely event that you have liquid assets, use them. Most likely though you'll have to scrap that junker in the front yard. Sell the lazy dogs. Pawn off your gun collection. Put the live-in out to hook. Buy silver now because later you may not even be able to afford copper.
  2. This is the kind of crowd I want to trade with.
  3. Who needs to trade? Between food stamps and what the dogs drag in, there's always plenty to eat. For fun there's a fight or a fire every night in the trailer park. Don't need a car because WallyMart is nearby. If you need anything more, just steal it. Only part that's work is watching the commodity charts to know what's most profitable to steal. Silver is still a steal! Priced in bucks, euros, gas, oil, gold, stocks, copper, you name it, it's a deal. So whatever is there to steal, silver is the place to stash the cash. And the senoritas and senioristas like it more than gold. Hardly know gold because they can't hook for it. We got a "trader" here who keeps it simple, just steals silver. Rich women hide their jewels. But they keep their silver sevices in their breakfront drawers for a fast smash and grab. Keep it in a nice wooden box that's easy to carry out. Very thoughtful of them.
  4. I believe it's already time for silver to be invested onto. Gold is slowly going down the charts while silver, being in-demand in the computer hardware industry, is climbing up.
  5. If you are a poor boy with a gold coin worth more than your wife's engagement ring, it is mighty tempting to sell it (the gold). My chart still shows silver a buy today.
  6. In the Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce considered a Fanatic to be one who "Cannot change his mind, and won't change the conversation."

    I hope JP Morgan takes your rounds down to $20 and you become enraged! >:)
  7. I take your snotty big city boy post to imply that I am not diversified. Au cuntraire, I have colored Depression glass bottles, first edition Hardy Boys, Weimar Republic beer steins, and a hand-tinted early publicity photo personally signed by Elvis which says "Don't take no shit, Flem!"
  8. The verity of the attached screen shot speaks to itself. I am selling everything but the Elvis memorabillea.
  9. If you took all that crap off your screen, and just watched a daily chart, going back two years, in candlestick mode, with nothing else, you'd probably have a better feel for price action.

    Don't you think silver looks heavy, just like gold? $33 support arriving sometime soon?

    Great long-term investment, probably. But right now you're fighting the bearish trend.

    Comedic posts, though. You're ostensibly much brighter than most of the silver fanatics.

  10. Crap? I'll have you know that almost every element of that screen represents a brilliant observation about the price of anything and everything which was at one time or another randomly right. The only part of it that is purely silver is the bottom study, which is a Commodimetric Analysis of silver. The rest of that screen is a one-size-doesn't-quite-fit-all collection of analyses of daily price action. The attached application of this analysis suite to $SPX clearly shows that it is locally under-over-priced by most measures of value relevant to the American lower classes. Of particular interest to copper pipe and wiring thieves hoping to retire before getting caught is that SPICKS is grossly overpriced denumbinated in copper. The poor man's thefts of choice in today's market clearly are gasoline and silver.
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