Sell ES 931 Objective 780

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TheBestGuruEver, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Stop 960, Objective 780

    Yes, you got that right

    10 contracts

    First big bet in 3 months

    I know people say "manage risk". Well, I personally don't believe that. I like to put all my eggs in one basket and watch that basket very closely. The noise won't get me out.

    Can I afford a 15k hit? Yes.
  2. End of the day rally is going to kill your position.
  3. Best of luck, as the end of day rally could be a bitch.

    Care to post a "why" you are making this "bet"?
  4. care to identify yourself, or previous handles, aka's?

    someone with a net comments of 3, making a trade recommendation strains credibility...

    sorry, but it really does....
  5. Lucrum


  6. I'm hoping he'll explain why he's made the move. Otherwise it's just yet-another-random call that belongs in chit chat.
  7. I am just seeing what it's like being accountable to others instead of yourself.

    no other usernames, sorry.

    I usually put on "big" positions a few times a quarter.

    Why now? Patience. I wanted to do this about 2 weeks ago when we had all those "divergences" but I've learned that patience is key and the high is never in when you think it is. So I waited and when I saw the ES +10 last night I knew I would sell weakness at some point.

    I really trade based on time indicators, distribution calculations, and 14 years of experience.

    Am I the best trader? No, I made my money elsewhere.

    Was my 401k and trading account up last year? Yes. Was it up a lot? No.

    I'll give many more details if this trade works. If not, then i FAIL and i'll go away.
  8. If the call fails, it doesn't mean you have to go away. :)

    Best of luck on the call.
  9. Here comes the end of the day up move! Right on schedule.
  10. Obama's PPT team's days are getting shorter with the tougher treasury auctions, but maybe they just print money to fund this operation? I closed my short futures position and will get back in after the run-up at the close.
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