Sell Dvy - Eric Bolling Play

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Everytime I hear Eric Bolling say something, the opposite seems to happen months later. He said today that we want to get in on the DVY.

    During the summer, this ETF seemed to shoot up and Im wondering if it might be a good short play in the future. When I saw Eric Bolling tout it on CNBC, the revolving red light went on along with an alarm. I thought it was the fire alarm in the building, but indeed it was my alert set for when Eric Bolling says something about anything.

    Im a big fan of dividend paying stocks and this etf appears right up my alley. I might invest in it in the future too. However, when Eric Bolling starts touting it on CNBC then we have problems. Indeed, everyone started piling into it today. 3 times the normal volume.
  2. He's actually a nice guy, but thick as a bridge pier.
  3. I dont doubt his kindness. However, I just have this clear image of him on CNBC telling everyone that there was no end in site to the rise in oil. The minute he said that then it started to turn down.

    I would rather have a foul talking jackass tell me the right information then a nice kind humble guy telling me the wrong thing.
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    I knew him long before he was the fucking "admiral". Good guy, dumb as a rock he just stands in a great area in the ring and is big
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    If it was that easy you would be standing there, I stood next to Eric for awhile in the crude pit. He is a focused and talented trader and is living his dream, I suppose you are jealous, as I am. Just be happy for the guy.
  6. I do not know the guy, but I doubt that he is always wrong, probably close to 50/50. So I do not believe that there is an edge in following or fading the recommendations of those people. I just ignore them.
  7. I went to high school with Eric. Known him for thirty years. While it takes over the top intelligence to do what you do (greeks) it takes a bit less than genius to scalp futures spreads. However don't kid yourself, he's a bright dude. Vito the local may be able to scum off his brother in-law Frankie for 5k a day when NG is going wild but to average a million and a half PER MONTH, you're transcending the collection of just fat edges.
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    Dumb as a rock? I highly doubt you knew the guy. If you did, you would eat those words. Yeah, I know a lot of dumb guys that are up 50 mil. Oh wait, it's his spot in the pit. Yeah, that's it. LOL. Let me ask you something, how do you think he got that spot in the pit? No wait, don't answer.


    Don't know him, but why go on CNBC. I have no respect for traders that go on CNBC. They either can't trade, like Cramer, or need the publicity, like Bolling.
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    I would say Eric Bolling is the most profitable natural gas trader in the world and certainly the largest. He was trained by Mark Fisher (one of the most profitable crude traders in the world) and is his number one trader.

    You really should not make assumptions about people unless you know the facts. Guys go on TV usually because they want the exposure to leg into a media career when they are done trading. This guy is not a kid anymore. He's been in the pits for almost 20 years. That's a life man. He has made his money, I'm sure in the next 5 years he'll be doing something more media related. Why not? I'm sure ego has a lot to do with it too.
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