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    Hi fellow traders, for the past year, I have been gathering data on which news move the stock up and which news moves the stock down. I tried to implement some algorithmic trading program that can interpret the news and make the trades but I don't have the money and the infrastructure to make this happen in reality. I'm only a college student.If you are working in this industry (HFT or algorithmic trading), I can sell you my whole year's worth of data at a discount price and you will be able to make lots of money on this. believe me. reply to the post if you are interested. I can send you samples. Thanks for reading.
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    So, since you haven't implemented do you know we can make "lots of money" with it? And, why should just "believe you?" And, how much is "lots of money?"
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    good news - market up, bad news - market down... unless good news means interest rates up, in that case market down...

    is that the data? ;)
  4. Shark tank might be better place to attract investors...
    It's difficult to believe a college student can carry out a good research and has developed profitable strategies...
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    I could change your mind.
  6. Oh, yes? then bring it on :) I am just kidding.
    No, I don't believe it. Maybe you're talking about some easy research with lower frequency data.
    Mine is testing almost entire date range of a market at millisecond frequency.
    Just like trading, it takes time to develop research skills too
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    You can doubt me, just be careful placing market orders when things get going fast. You never know, some college kid quoting both sides might take you for a couple bps of beer money.

    I do agree though that the vast majority of students I know who trade are...counter parties...
  8. Yeah I know quite a few paper trading millionaires whose system works amazing on back-tested data in a vacuum.
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    So, lied in your very first sentence of your very first post when trying to get money for data that is likely useless. You lied because you do not trade so don't say " fellow traders...". In addition, if you think you would make lots of money from this why sell it? Make the money yourself. If it's because you're a college student then get a job and get the required funds to trade it.

    OR,... you could go the way of several ET posters with only one post and borrow $24k at 25% interest on your credit card and trade it. After all your data is sure to make you lots of money. In fact, I would be willing to loan you money to trade this data information at THE DISCOUNT PRICE of ONLY 22% interest. While your at it you should probably just quit college since all those classes are just hindering your ability to make lots of money. When you become filthy rich no one will care that you don't have a college education. BELIEVE ME.

  10. trade it yourself
    you goose.
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