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    Is it possible to sell a trading strategy to some hedge fund?
    Let say strategy was back tested for 5 years, returns on average about 1% per transaction with 100-200 transactions per month with 9-10 profitable months per year.
    But is it technically possible to sell a strategy? Have anybody sold something like that?
    Ebay, I assume, would not work :p
  2. backtesting is not making money. show a track record with real money and you may have something.

  3. no.
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    What does it trade? What is the holding period? What slippage and commission assumptions did you use? Have you traded your strategy? Why do you want to sell it instead of trade it yourself?

    Definitely it is possible to sell a strategy. The journal Futures Truth is chock full of strategies for sale or lease.
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    i currently trading this system for last six month..everything goes according to it..difference is minimal. i do understand -it maybe not going to fit for huge hedge fund, but it is good enough for average much average joe will pay for system, which will give him nice extra income? it is profitable for all! years since 1992(results shown-for last 8 years)...

    Thank you!
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    You might have missed my previous question concerning your system:


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    this one is different))))))))))))))))..holdind period only one day..
    it is not much difference in compouding effect, if you know that your expectancy is. this number(expectancy) did not change much if you reinvest your money or not. here is results, if you trade $1000 from you 10K account. still good enough, i think..
    i will not give you description or idea of previous system for number of reasons..
    would you share you system for free, if you spend on each of it about a year of development, testing,etc, working for about 3-8 hours a day?

    ok-250 bars-

    still 35% for year and about 300% more for 1000 investment..
    system that you mentioned above works even better..
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