sell 1913 chinese bonds

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  1. teflon


    Hi , i have 25 x Chinese 1913 Lung Tsing U Hai Rly 20 pound sterling 5% gold loan Bonds, un-cancelled and with couponds, looking to sell or ??, open to real offers, not interested in miles of paperwork, buyer can travel to me to view bonds, or i can place them into a bank and have the bank move them after payment, this is a deliver after payment deal.
  2. was that a vintage year.

  3. Is this wallpaper or do you think they have some slim chance of being redeemed? Seems to me wallpaper.

  4. Labor


    Assuming those are real.

    I would be willing to facilitate the transfer through Denver USA

    I am not a buyer myself. I would act on behalf of another. PM me.
  5. 1913. That's just after the revolution which overthrew the last Chinese monarchy.

    The government of the day. the Nationalists lost control of China after the civil war and Mao tse tung must have nationalized all the railways anyway.

    Good luck on getting paid.
  6. Labor


    I just contacted the collector, he is willing to offer you 900 per bond, a fair price. (assuming they are not fakes)

    you won't find better offers
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    I have 1913 chinese bonds both the 20L and 100L. Would your collector be interested in those as well? I am not interested in lengthy paperwork trading programs and million dollar prices. Only a straight cash deal. Please emil below if interested: