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  1. "what about frank, tony?"
    "frank? he not gonna last. i'm makin' all the the right moves."
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  2. You are are you? :)

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  3. your dreamguy sweetie.

    i am brad pitt, ben alfleck, and fabio all rolled into one:D

    do i have your interest now?:D
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  4. I see you've been busy...

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  5. honey...i'm a baaaa d man:D
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  6. Oh - you mean like Michael Jackson?
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  7. prox


    I like this explanation.
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  8. seems people with better self esteem have greater ability to admit they are wrong. low self esteem tends to generate rigidity as a byproduct of fear. one is a plus for trading, the other almost assures a blowup.

    it seems to me that looking to the market as the source/basis of self esteem, would be a flawed strategy.
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  9. qdz


    I am a blown up man. So I believe in nothing but scalping.

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  10. I could not agree more. The more insecure you are (and so less likely to admit you are wrong) the lower your selfesteem and vice versa. I met a few people in my life who were classical examples of what I just said. I think it is better to avoid people like that if you can. They can be pretty mean to enhance their lousy selfesteem.
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