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  1. lol
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  2. you could not be more wrong, honey...
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  3. When you know who you are, self esteem is not a problem.
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    and if you have self esteem issues, 1-800-tonyrobbins
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    I don't think that we can separate self-esteem from what other people think of us. We're surrounded by people and we are influenced in some way by them, no matter how confident we may feel.

    And no matter how stupid I think most people are, I still need them to have a good opinion of me, in order to feel ok. Unfortunately I am part of this society and, to a lesser degree than most people, but I still need their approval to be carefree. In order to have their approval, I need my trading to work, and make money, or they'll all start saying to me to go get a regular job. So, my self-esteem depends upon my trading success, because people's opinion on me depends on whether or not I can support myself, and my self-esteem depends for a large part on what people think of me, whether we want to admit it or not. Even if we think they are a bunch of idiots (as I think), we need them to at least accept us if not admire us. I could accept nothing less than admiration from these idiots who surround me.
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    By the effort and intelligence you put into your post, a post that judges me without even saying anything argumentative, without exposing yourself, you are one of the superficial idiots I am talking about in my post. Furthermore, you are a coward. You don't have the guts to say something original you think. You just attack those who do, because you feel backed by everyone else maybe, by the society you never had the courage to go against. If any of your thoughts happens to go against the majority, you just change it, before it makes you unpopular.
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  7. be careful here. remember need my approval.:eek:

    ps are you kiddin. i am an iconoclast exemplar!
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  8. There is a very big difference between self esteem and Ego. All to often confused with good self esteem being replaced or compensated for by Ego. Especially dangerous in our business...

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  9. so you are saying that an ego is dangerous in our business? is that it? hmmmmm
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  10. Agree, people with self-esteem problems tend to go into prestige/glamour occupations: hollywood, politics, academia and the like. This is corroborated by the preponderance there of pathetic prima donnas.

    If anything, going into trading reflects a high degree of self-confidence. A low self-esteem person wouldn't think he can beat 95% of all traders in the long run.

    Also, a low self esteem person would give a sh$# whenever the left side of the bell curve start badmouthing intraday traders.
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