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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rgn39, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Why cant you have the option for people to moderate their own threads. This would be one way to keep a thread on track. I think most people would be fair and keep valid criticism but could keep out the garbage.
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  3. most people...yeah right! open up "Pandora's box" Baron and company does not have much to would be a full time job to moderate the moderator's.

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    Im not talking about all threads. Just one self moderated forum. See how popular it is and how well it does. I would like to start a thread and would welcome all legitimate comments but I dont want to deal with crackpots.
  5. This is a bad idea...

    get a blog site...

    Do not subject ET and its guests to YOUR forum. This is ET's moderated website and why would they hand the keys over to an unqualified person?

    Don't you trust the moderation here?

  6. rgn39


    I see all the objections. Why not a blog forum then for those who feel like I do. If it does not work it will quickly fade. If it does work it could add a lol of posters. Nothing ventured nothing gained, Baron.
  7. get your own blog and your own guests...sheesh

    Do not capitalize on ET's guests and ET to provide a personal web space for you...

    I can see the sponsors now.....someone bad mouths them in YOUR blog and it gets out of control with unfounded accusations and YOU let it stand and the sponsor complains to Baron that Baron has no control...


    even worse because of YOUR biased moderation under the ET name, many good members leave...

    Hey try it...and the end may justify the means...yeah right, what if it doesn't?

  8. I see you have over 9000 posts and I see why. You said the same thing three times. I made a suggestion, thats all.
  9. Use your other handel....Go make your suggestions over in Yahoo..

    how many fricken times do you think this has come up here in the feedback forum? do a search....

    why Baron bothers with the pre-madonna's here amazes me...

    another selected post for your enjoyment :)
    by ElectricSavant

    Hey Baron...I have an idea.... give me the banning keys...I have 9000 plus posts :)

  10. I just want to be able to send about 200 volts through the offending poster's keyboard. Thats all.

    I guarantee that they wouldn't screw with us more than once.

    Might also make sense to send a team of my guys out to open a can of good old American WhoopAss on anyone who decides to get too frisky. Nothing works like a couple of strokes of a rubber hose across the buttocks.

    I'll bet that I would have one of the best behaved threads on the site.

    "Alright you kids, don't make me turn this car around!"

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