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    Hi, I am thinking of starting trading, this is an idea which is hunting me for a while. I do am quite busy working in the financial industry and therefore cannot "side trade". I was wondering on the following: how many of you Guys, making at least 5k net per month, started by themselves without working first in a bank, fund or else?
    But just worked it out on their own in the markets and made it be the job that pays bills and holidays.
    Pls let me know
    Thanks a lot
  2. Allenhobbs worked at a massage parlor that was frequented by many Wall Street employees. I believe he got his start becoming a house boy for one the institutional players.

    He still never quite learned how to trade though. Poor guy.
  3. I was in a position where I had the time and energy to read ALL the books about trading etc while I was young.

    Trading is just like anything else.. Its all about opening up a pipe line of ideas coming, and you analyzing and evaluating the merit of those ideas by costant application. You figure out and eliminate what doesn't work and what's left after all that is YOUR unique sculpture, your own work of art etc.

    Trading, just like golf is a game of skill. It is not genius. It is all about getting the fundamentals right and constant repetition. It also has a definite advantage if you start young, or has a head start on others. I say that because as I'm moving up in age, I'm not as motivated and my responsibilities have also increased.
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    dude, this is so easy. i should have quit my day job years before i actually did. man, sometimes i feel guilty about how easy this is.