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  1. Is it easy to top get into self hypnotic state. ?I have been meditating for many years and very rarely I have experienced blissful state of mind . I would like to get into this state very often. Are there some quick ways to achieve this trace state? I thought self hypnosis might help so to get some guidance I have started this thread.

    I have tried binaural and isochronic vedeos on you tube. They are helpful but still they have not put me in trance state.

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks
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    try it. read up on self hypnotizing.
  3. I was being hypnotized by a physician for at least a year but was never able to hypnotize myself
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    get in touch with stock777. he has hypnotized himself into believing that he is the world's greatest stock picker. he believes that he has a perfect record.
  5. any suggestion for reading material? Thanks