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  1. To those of you who have been trading full time for quite a while, I'm just curious if you claimed self employment or did you go as far as establishing a business name.

    Maybe establish a business name where you trade under even if you don't have any employees to maybe get any tax advantage or establish a ground for future growth of the business to include hiring people and managing other people's money.

    I know this question is better answered by an accountant (and I plan to hire one soon) but it would be great if anyone can chime in regarding this matter.
  2. I did the business name. It adds seriousnesses to your trading career.
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    Apart from that; is there a tax advantage?
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    You're a joke and so is your business. Please don't reply to this thread as you have nothing worthwhile to contribute anyways. I wanted to get the input of people who's been in this business a long time, not some guy who just got out of McDonald's University and trades from his dad's basement.
  5. Before I started my hedge fund, I just filed my taxes under my name, but then again, I didn't have any expenses to write off whatsoever because I was trading from my college dorm room. Writing off expenses like office rent or even home office rent (can only be a tiny percentage of your total rent) is key so it's most probable that you should start a business
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    i do self employed.

    i don't have clients - if i did (which i won't), i would DEFINITELY do as a business to protect against potential legal problems - and wife teaches / gets benefits, so that other angle is taken care of.
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  9. Like Tim somewhat mentioned, if you have anything you can write off like office supplies, computer then that could be an advantage that I do not believe a sole proprietor has. also remember, you will have trading losses from time to time so those could be written off as well.
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    wrong bnb. you need to learn your tax laws before talking. anything a corp can write off can be written off by a sole prop using a sch c outside a retirment plan or health ins. the upside is a sole prop pays no social security taxes which is a huge savings. also a mtm trader can write all his loses off not just the 3k. but one must be defined as a full time active trader first. do your homework and learn the trader tax laws
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