Selegiline, anybody else using it?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Eight, Apr 3, 2009.

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    I just took my first dose of selegiline a few hours ago... it's a nootropic and a stimulant based off of Amphetamine. It's been around for decades, proven to raise mental skills and longevity. I'm feeling a little wired. I was just walking to the store and I noticed I was just strolling along kind of faster than usual without a care in the world, and actually, I was walking better, the knee alignment and the pronation and foot alignment were great, usually I have to think about that a little bit to get the pronation just right, I have some injuries and a history of never really walking quite right, it seems to be good in that area. It's prescription in the USA and most places. I read some reviews, one guy only noticed cognitive improvement after three weeks and he admitted that was very subjective... I worked on a sudoku puzzle, hard variety, during the first hour after the 5mg dose and I did improve some of the skill set but I failed to get the puzzle right... inconclusive, that...
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    I have taken it and did not notice much, but I have severe adrenal fatigue and that is hard to overcome.

    One thing that has helped is does not require a prescription and is cheap.
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    Brain Vigor has piracetam in it, I took the first capsule of that about an hour ago...

    I'm getting the feeling that this Selegiline is the right stuff for my particular conditions and it's a great anti aging drug if you assume that the longevity in the animal experiments, four different species, will apply to humans...

    I got very tired and depressed about a year ago... I had exhausted myself working on autotrading algos and taking care of a dying relative and trying to keep my wife from stressing too much.
    I found a solution for the trading that was just fine for what I want to do and promptly quit working on it !! I was really beat. I just did more pleasant things, cut out tea and started making weaker and weaker coffee until now it looks like tea, got some hiking boots and took up walking and hiking... it may have been the adrenals, I moved out of the old hood too, it was overrun with criminals. I had to either become a mob guy or move and I got a chance to rent the place out and move to a nice tame, upper middle class place where people actually obey the laws... that helps with the adrenals I'm sure... there are herbs that are great for adrenals, Dr. Bob Marshall has stuff for that, he's on the radio a lot, could be a quack, could be on to really good stuff, I'm not sure at all...

    One side effect of the Selegiline can be inability to sleep, normally I'm slowing down by this time at night but not now, I feel refreshed and like I will be awake for awhile... I'll take the stuff first thing in the mornings, sleeplessnes is very bad for the psyche, no sense taking meds for the psyche if one is not sleeping well...
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    Also....most pills that have multiple ingredients do not contain nearly enough of what works.

    You need 3-8 grams per day of Piracetam per day for it to be effective.

    Your dose on Brain Vigor is 1000 mg
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    You are right, the Brain Vigor is sort of a "starter kit", I can find if I'm terribly adversely affected by any of the ingredients at best. After awhile I'll look at dosages and buy the ingredients separately maybe.

    I found that the Selegiline combined with D-Phenylalanine makes the Selegiline more powerful. The other night I was sitting here feeling just incredibly scared and guilty about something that happened decades ago. I found a comment on erwig or somewhere from a guy that had the exact same experience !! He described it as God talking to him ! He was being humorous I'm sure but it was really strange and it did feel like God was shining a spotlight on my bad behavior... Today I took the full dose and I'm starting to feel weird again but I got a little pill cutter thingy at the drugstore, as of tomorrow I'm at half doses of the Seleginine... I'll check out the links and thank you muchly..
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    Any time.....

    By the way...where did you live where you almost had to be a "mob guy"?

    I am in a suburb of washington DC...and feel like I have to be a DR or a lawyer to get by, which is further down the social pyramid than mob guy.
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    the FDA has recently seized some imports of piracetam claiming it may be "unsafe" (translation: a pharm doesn't have a patent on it) i have only read of positive effects from hundreds of people and it has been researched for decades and found to be completely safe. must work too well. fuck the government
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    Mojave Desert, the cops in LA saw that housing was practically free just up the freeway an hour so they told all the gangsters to get out of town and they did.......

    I'm still experimenting with dosage on the Selegiline. For Parkinson's they recommend 5mg a day but I don't have that. I can feel some effects at half that dose every other day... it's sort of calming in the way that I feel kind of stubborn and not jumpy... I swear, my thinking is more "comprehensive", I still have my technical skills but they are in a better "perspective" if that is the proper word. I just know that something in the brain is working better, my emotional IQ might be a little higher really, it always needed a boost from something for sure... the stuff promotes Human Growth Hormone, that's why I reduced the dose, when my hgh is high I'm chronically tired...