Selective outrage on the left

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  1. The left, having found that Cindy Mccain has a half sister that did not participate in the inheritance of a 100 million dollar fortune, is outraged and inflamed that such an inequity has taken place, and wants everyone to be aware of it when they enter the voting booth.

    The new revelation that Obama's half brother in Kenya has been living in a hut in a ramshackle town in kenya, on less than 1 dollar a month, however, hasn't seemed to have brought the same sort of indignation from the "social justice" crowd.

    Who woulda thunk.


    on privately aiding "the least of my brothers." But that's politics. That's rhetoric. A job for someone else. A job for The State. In real life. Not so much." -from prestopundit @
  2. Liars are exposed by blinking
    The best way to spot a liar is to look them in the eyes, according to scientists who say the number of times a person blinks will show if they are speaking the truth.
    By Lucy Cockcroft
    Last Updated: 5:14PM BST 20 Aug 2008

    "Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around eight times faster than usual afterwards."
    video of obama blinking like a madman-after he has spoken

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  3. Regarding the title on your post....who exactly was selectively outraged by the knowledge the of a beer distributer who leaves his former family jack squat or the Usama's half- brother who lives in mud hut?

    I'm I missing something here?
  4. Yes, a strawman.

  5. Cindy Mccain--It was all over the blogosphere the day it hit the news.
    Have you ever heard of
  6. So you're telling that Cindy McCain has the selective outrage because that she only got the 100million?

    If not what exactly is your point?

  7. maxpi


  8. Well the "left" may be however I won't personally be. I also remember when Zogby had Kerry +6 on Bush with 3 weeks to go.

    You're very clinica aren't you?. I've suggested before that it may be the neighborhood that you live in...with all the Spics and the loud music and cars an blocks in their yards....I'm gonna stick with that working theory for now until informed otherwise.

    Here's a site that I follow that shows an average of several polls.

    Good luck..