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  1. I need to do my homework before buying a set of clubs. They'll need to be custom made (+1.5"). Anyone have any recommendations on where to 'read-up' on the different makes of clubs and what choices I have in who custom fits the clubs for me?
  2. talk to aphexcoil
  3. nitro


  4. Since we sell TaylorMade products, I am a bit biased towards them obviously. However, they do have great drivers and their RAC irons are awesome.

    We do fitting here at our center. We capture the person's swing and also use a lie board to find out if they need upright, regular or flat. The swing capture can tell us exactly what speed they swing and determine the best shaft (S, R, M, etc).

    Also, if you do choose TaylorMade, PM me with the best price you found local or on the web and there is a good chance I'll be able to beat it. Otherwise, a lot of fitting places will include the fitting along with your purchase of the clubs. There is a nice markup on clubs, so generally the $50 loss (average fitting fee) is easily absorbed by the profits from selling the clubs.
  5. Also, if you PM me, I can mail you out some of the literature and brochures that we have on TM's clubs. You could probably get most of the information online, though. But in any event, I'd be happy to send you out some stuff.
  6. An alternative would be to visit local clubmakers who can custom fit you with component clubs that will play just as well as the nationally advertised brands at considerable savings. A lot of it depends on your skill level. If you;re a player, you probably already know what you want. If not, a good clubmaker can guide you. I used to spend a lot of time on the message board at, and found it a good source of info. is also good. (I may not have the exact url for that last one.) Finally, if saving kachingo is of any concern, ebay is one of the best places to get clubs. They're all used after you play with them once, so what's the difference? If you watch patiently, you can find new or near new clubs set up just the way you want them. Also, there are many sellers who deal in proshops inventory or manufacturer's overruns, so you can get brand new namebrand clubs at unbelievable savings.
  7. black dots.....2 thru sw on ebay $300 or so

  8. thanks for the ideas AAA, but I couldn't access those links...

    Aphex, did you get my PM?
  9. If you have this retailed in your geographic location, I think they are a good place to shop. Discounts off of retail can be significant. Very good selection of high end equipment.
  10. ok, it's The other one,, I couldn't get the link to work either but whenI typed it in it worked????

    If you're looking for a driver I got the best one I've ever hit from The guy who runs it is on the long drive circuit and will not bs you. Look on the website and get his phone number and call him for advice.
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