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  1. Sekiyo


    Received the funds

    Currently requesting a platform setup
    -> Sierra Chart (3)
    -> SC feed

    I’ve not opted for special margins,
    So I won’t be trading the ES.

    Micros (MES, ...)
    Commodities (ZC, ...)
    Currencies (E6, ...)
    Financials (ZN, ...)

    Anything that’s active,
    And which margin's below equity.

    I’ll mainly trade MES though.
    Intraday, maybe some swing trades.

    Let’s see.
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  2. Good luck! It would be great if you could tell a bit more about yourself and what style you trade? Experience level, known working points, goals, ...
    Appreciated your posts in B1's journal so looking forward to follow you here.
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  3. Sekiyo


    Thanks !

    I am struggling trader.
    Trying to improve a little everyday.
    Keep things simple, to the point and down to earth.

    Got 4 differents range chart (Clean),
    I like range charts but I might go for regular ones.
    Because it's not practical for switching between instruments ...

    4 differents time frames.
    From a one month view to some hours.
    I believe it gives a clear picture of where we are.
    Bearish, Bullish leg'ging' according to different TFs.

    I do some volume analysis.
    Got a DOM with 3 Volume profile.
    Last 72h. Last 48h and current day.

    Trying to break everything down to frequencies and magnitude,
    That's basically what I am trying to trade.
    Mean and variance.

    If experience is money lost.
    Got some experience.
    It experience is exposure,
    Got some too.

    Not a newbie but a novice.
    Been in and out since 2012.

    Working points are ...
    - Setups refinement.
    - Not overtrading.
    - Taking losses.

    Goals is to stay in the game.
    To learn, adjust, Make the best and Get the most,
    To become a profitable and a veteran trader !

    Thanks Buddy,
    Wish you the best.
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  4. Sekiyo


  5. Relentless


    Best of luck Sekiyo, I'm sure you'll get there with that attitude.

    Appreciate your chartwork / levels in main ES thread.

    Looking forward to see you hit your goals and learning from your journal entries!
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  6. Nobert


    While some fool spends that money on a new trims set for his BMV,
    this is what future winners do.

    Best of luck.
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  7. Sekiyo


    One exemple of a trade I'd like to reproduce real.
    Shorted NG back @ 2.07, then added another short @ 1.96


    There is still room for some downside,
    1.800-50, I believe.

    I watched the Most active list at barchart,
    Saw NG +1% then loaded the chart and everything.
    Went for the strength (+1%) to buy it. Forgot that I was short.
    I redo the analysis and shorted 1 more contract. Then it broke 2% lower.

    Swing trading is more and more appealing to me.
    Huge reward to risk ratio and less overwhelming overall.
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  8. qlai


    Shorting NG during oil craziness!? Isn't NG called the Widow Maker?
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  9. Overnight


    Be careful on your swinging during these times. It is hard to forsee how volatile NG will become during the summer, as more and more people will be staying indoors, using more AC, thus causing increased NG demand. Keep an eye on those inventory changes! My *guess* is NG will be rising this summer season.
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  10. schizo


    So I see your chart is indeed CLEAN (maybe too clean). Do you not use lines like trendline and S/R? I think they would help a lot if you do. It can help you not only with setting stoploss but also with profit targets. Anyway, I wish you the very best. :finger:
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