Seious weakness in SP-500

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by jrs3, May 8, 2004.

  1. jrs3


    90% of the stocks in this index are under their 20 day weighted moving average.

    80% are under their 50 day average

    60% under 200 day average

    Where are the instutions?
  2. Well, it can be the bottom.
  3. agrau


    No, it can't. I am still long puts :p

  4. Can I ask where you get that info? I don't look at that much , what are the percentages to look for again?
  5. jrs3


    I run a exploration using MetaStock.
  6. swimmus


    That is a really interesting way to view it. Thanks for the planting the seed in my brain, I am planning on viewing every chart in the Sp500 today to see how each looks individually.

  7. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


    I would rather overanalyze than overtrade;
    the former may be more profitable than the latter
    in this bull market.:cool:

    DIA, SPY, QQQ are under thier 50 DMA most of the week;
    pretty much above average sell volume also.

  8. I know. I sold you the puts.