- get aggregated financial news free from top providers

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  1. 1.
    2. install plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera etc
    3. drill down to business->financial news for portal of news
    type search term into search bar for searching

    Much appreciated if you respond what you think of it?


    Browser Extension for [](, which enables you to:

    * Browse and search aggregated websites of top search engines, portals, online libraries, archives, databases, journals, museums, e-commerce, social networks, etc.

    * Hand pick from large pool of websites which ones are of interest to you and used as sources for you to browse and search.

    * If any websites of your interest are not in the pool, recommend them
    [here]( It usually takes minutes to add a website to the pool.
  2. maxinger


    quite scary ....

    most quality and non quality news are junk news.
    it contaminate our minds and ended up we made wrong decision.
    I wouldn't dare to see those news.
    I just focus on my charts as all the vital information is already in the charts.

    If people enjoy reading those news, by all means please go read those news.
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  3. You must be in 'technical trader camp. For 'fundamental camp', up to date news are absolutely essential. There are those who do both. You can always enjoy news-reading for leisure.