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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by CaptainObvious, Feb 6, 2009.

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    You might have missed it (in the description of the Stocks forum), but ET has a specific policy against threads on penny stocks. Here's the rules -- any stock (not OTCBB or Pink Sheets) can be discussed that meets at least one of the following two criteria:

    1. It trades above $5.... or
    2. It has at least 1,000,000 shares of average daily volume.

    If a stock does not trade above $5 and does not have an average daily volume of at least 1,000,000 shares then for our purposes it's a penny stock and we don't want it discussed at ET. There are plenty of sites that cater to penny stocks and we request that you take your penny-stock posts to one of them. Thanks.


    P.S. OESX is currently trading around 4.67 with an average volume of about 68,000

    I'll stop with all these "high risk" posts about stocks I trade and would like to share. Wishing you guys good luck with all of those 'legit" stocks you're buying. You know, the ones that have lost about 90% of their value. Trading, I thought it was about making money. Good luck, you're gonna' need it.
  2. It sounds like a policy that was put in place to limit the number of pump and dump posts. I've seen bulletin boards where, on a bad day, every third post was a lame attempt at pumping and dumping.
  3. Mvic


    CO, you are not being singled out, I received the exact same letter when I posted about a stock that qualified as a penny under ETs TOS. Its not my site so I don't mind following the rules set up by the site owner. Plenty of other places to post such stocks if one feels so inclined and plenty of eligible stocks to post on ET. Really no big deal.
  4. I agree to some extent, but I'd think they could use some case by case judgment. I've been around here awhile and have never pumped anything. Any stock I've ever posted about I've always had a supporting chart for some Tech analysis and usually some news to go along with that. Anything that was high risk, I add that to the post.
    I don't want to see the place turn in to a spam fest, but just because a stock is .ob, or thinly traded doesn't mean one can't make money trading it.
    It's their site and their rules, so I'll comply, but it's a damn shame "REAL" traders can't share useful information at what is supposed to be a site for doing just that.
  5. Mvic


    I know what you mean, I've posted on ET for 5 years and never pumped anything and was cautioned. I wonder if there isn't perhaps an element of liability that they are wanting to avoid as much as avoiding the spam pump and dump posts?