Seems that most of the stocks are nonshortable intraday

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  1. Is it true that for most broker now, most of the stocks are non-shortable? Now it throws message to me that order reject, stocks not shortable...

    Cause i thought all should be shortable but must be covered within 3 days?
  2. hm,mmm i have a lot more stocks that are deemed hard to locate odd.....
  3. Me thinks, quite maybe, the gov't is pulling strings and playing with the rules. Not that tomorrow is a triple witching or anything.......
  4. I got a new short list today from one of the brokers I use...there was close to 1,000 more stocks on the hard to borrow list from last week.....
  5. Triple Witch...

    Market Makers are hand cuffed... huge spread in options

    Your going to see some ridiculous spreads.
  6. Looks like its time to start using Single Stock Futures. IB has it on their platform.Go to to learn more.
  7. oh so it is much harder to borrow. 80% of everything i typed up was like hard to borrow

    i have a strategy that trades the small caps and scans hundreds of them. it would be impractical for me to call and locate everyone of them.

    sucks...hope they resolve this soon
  8. Capitalism on the way up, socialism on the way down. Watch MS,GS. LEH was a tip of a few weeks ago.

    Today was just like the Osama Bin Lauden rumors during 2001-2003. CNBC would come on and say “ were getting a report that Pakistani troops have Bin Laden surrounded in a remote area” the Dow would run 300 points, then over the next few days give it all back.

    Scale back you size is a must.
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    Most stocks? No. More stocks than in the past, I am sure. But out of six shorts I put on today I didn't have any problems with any rejections.
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    i was shorting wfc no probs this morning...
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