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    Remember reading a post yesterday about somone who lost money and blamed it on the commissions being too low causing him to overtrade.

    Maybe this has some merit.

    Having an account at a broker with higher commissions might make some traders only choose what appear to be the highest probability trades to them.

    I'm sure most people have discipline problems at various times.

    I only look to place on average 3 trades a week and this is when I am the most profitable and most selective.

    When I trade more frequently looking for lower probability smaller moves the results are worse.
  2. It doesn't.

    A poor carpenter blames his tools. Everyone needs to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Then let's build on the idea. If you are more selective in the trades that you take because of higher commissions, then imagine how thorough your criteria would be if, each time you took a trade, you transferred $100 to my account. I see great things in your future...
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    I'm sure I could make a fortune with commissions of $900. a round turn per contract.
  5. Indeed you would. The only question is for whom.
  6. So the guys that use Assent's trading platform, or any platform that has problems causing a trader to get screwed over is their fault?......not always. But in general yes.
  7. If they (Traders at Assent) blamed overtrading on their software, then yes. They need to take responsibility for their actions. If 'bug ridden' software created losses resulting from improper quotes or system crashes due to inadaquate testing by the software providor, then you are not discussing overtrading now are you?

    - Spydertrader
  8. Luckily you told the truth about yourself, otherwise I would have spent a few more seconds on your post. You are a pathetic swing trader, for God's sake! You have no idea what day trading is.
  9. Why would you regard swing trading as being pathetic?
  10. I agree with Spydertrader.
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