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    anyone use this site to make trading decisions?..
  2. No but beware a lot of Cramer's stuff is on there. Not good.
  3. SeekingAlpha is primarily an institutional money management magazine that has been around for a good while. Many PMs running mutual funds, hedge funds, PE guys and the like receive and read the mag. The website is pretty decent, and it's free which is nice. however, as you say there is an area devoted to Cramer which I find a bit amusing. Anyway - it's been around for a long while with the institutions.
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    I like the site, although I have a writters bias I guess.
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    I think you might be confused with another publication. This is from the site:

    Seeking Alpha's History and Founder
    Seeking Alpha was founded by David Jackson, who worked for five years as a technology research analyst for Morgan Stanley in New York covering the communications equipment sector. He left in early 2003 to manage money (long/short) and explore new approaches to financial publishing. After publishing an online book about investing with ETFs, he launched Seeking Alpha in early 2004. Seeking Alpha has since grown to be the top destination for stock market opinion and analysis on the Internet, and is widely read by finance professionals and serious individual investors. Seeking Alpha has grown into a full-fledged company with professional editors and web developers.
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    I do like SA and it's one of my more frequently checked financial sites in my RSS reader. Some nuggets here and there in articles/posts have been quite useful and in some cases would have led to some profits had I been around to do a bit more research and trading.

    But bottom's like any other financial news site, service, or blog -- take what is provided as you will, don't take anything just on face value, and do your own homework.
  7. Well maybe it hasn't been around as long as I thought, but I know all the PMs at the fund I used to work with got the mag several years back and that was when I was first introduced to the name. I found the website earlier this year.