Seeking US Night Trader Chat (HSI futures)

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Raul641, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Raul641



    I'm looking for a chatroom or IM buddies who are up at night US time trading the Asian markets, particularly the Hang Seng index futures, to bounce ideas off of and share insight with.

    Anyone know of anything?

  2. add me..
    I'll pm you
  3. Hi folks,

    Add me to that list as well
  4. Me to I'm in Oz


  5. CTT


    Did you all get a chat room going or something? I am not actively trading the Hang Seng, but am around for the early evening EST and wouldn't mind chatting as I would like to eventually get into it.

  6. add me to your list as well. I'm not trading the hang seng yet but I'm will start later this year.
  7. laputa


    Pls add me...
  8. okok


    please add me:)
  9. WD40


    we can use the chat room in EliteTrader.
  10. rosy2


    you can chat me when you want to see a tighter market. I will post a better bid or better ask. My id is "makebidoffer" on yahoo chat
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