seeking true PPT here..

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  1. okay, can we stop the joking...seriously...where has any "PPT" been ever talked about?...why are there so many names for PPT?...what is the real PPT name...and the biggest question, WHY does one think any PPT buying comes into effect from 3-4PM EST...this sounds like one of those "conspiracy theories"...please quantify it more...we need more info!...on behalf of many ETers!!
  2. Buddy, with all the posts you make you really should learn how to use the search button on ET and do some homework yourself.

    There is a post with a link a ways back, hint use search, and find the link for USA article with former Clinton cabinet member George Stepphanolous ( check spelling )

    Here . Now you are on your own to do your own homework.

  4. There is no ppt. When there is excess selling that casues a security to fall below a certain threshhold there is a tendency for arbiters to exploit this difference and buy. The PPT are just arbiters with a lot of money to move the market.
  5. Sure there is, fuckhead. Nuthin' to do with conspiracy. Legislation enacted in March 1988. Performed in Chicago via futures. That would suggest liquid stocks, now wouldn't it?

    Arbs? Try the specialist and his inventory agenda............then black boxes following the CLUES.

    "They" say I'm old? YOU'RE getting old, paper tiger.
  6. I stand rebuked and are right, thanks for putting me in my place...great insight guys!
  7. I spit coffee out my nose when I read this...

    Good stuff :)