Seeking Trader Combine to prove system golden

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gpstrade, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Combine trading is a great chance for someone that can write a program but does not have the personal funds to trade their own account to prove themselves.

    TopstepTrader charges a fee to trade in there combine. This makes me think that is how they make their money charging for the combines.

    Are there any other companies that offer a trader combine so they can prove themselves?

    I think this is a great idea and the company then knows whether they have a golden egg or just an egg.
    I am seeking trader combine, I have develop such a program. Thanks
    For any positive post.
  2. drm7


    If you are that confident in your system, then the combine fee really shouldn't make a difference. It's also refundable under certain circumstances. I don't do TST, because of a) time constraints and b) I'm still not 100% confident about my capability. However, if you REALLY have an edge, then go for it.
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    I did sign up Friday with topstep trading. Was just looking for another option. Plus others might benefit from post that are positive.
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    I joined topstep trader and I am very confused.
    My system trades US stocks NYSE and NSDAQ.
    On there simulator you can not trade stocks. So what good is this. When I ask why not here is there answer.

    no sorry, only futures contracts traded in simulator
  5. From the very start they never claimed to trade equities, it's been a futures program for as long as I've been following the TST threads here.

    What made you think they did equities?

  6. 1) Big print, giveth....small print, taketh. :eek:
    2) ! .....Are you younger than 22 years of age? :p
    3) Did you sign up for their "Free 2 Weeks" or an actual, paid Combine? :confused:
    4) Trade one of the stock index contracts that's available. Think of it as an ETF. :cool:
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    U blank holes are the reason why real traders stay away. If you can not post something that help then don't post. And I'm 4
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  9. 1) According to your profile.... ? ....You enjoy wrestling. Are you ready to "grapple" through your Combine? :confused: :D
    2) You're an engineer/programmer. Is it asking/expecting too much of you to read through the entire/complete/total Combine website and know each and every detail of what you're getting involved with? When you chose to participate, you probably had to "sign off" on acknowledging that you agree to all of the terms of the Combine. :eek:
    3) You're in.... ? ..... Maryland! Oh God, don't even get me started..... :p