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    Due to my full-time job, I can only trade from 5:00 to 6:00 am, and then 9:15 to 11:00 am EST. Can anyone recommend some suitable instruments to trade in these hours?

    I only day trade. I prefer something that is liquid, trendy but not too volatile.

    I believe I can trade e-minis during the 9:15 to 11:00 am period, but any suggestions for the 5:00 to 6:00 am period? Thanks a lot.
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    Did not make myself clear, sorry. I am looking for suitable index futures to trade as I am experienced in this area.
  3. I'm surprised you haven't taken a look at Eurex or Euronext index futures for trading between 5am - 6am especially on trading days where there's key economic reports being released.

    DAX, DJ EuStoxx50, FTSE-100 and CAC-40

    You can then and the U.S. Index Futures to the above for 9:15am - 11am est trading.

    ER2, ES, NQ and YM

    As for the volatility changes through out the trading year.

    Simply, if you choose something that's not volatile may be volatile for the next month or so...back n forth through out the year.

    For example, all the above trading instruments was excellent for trading in April and May of 2007 if you want to avoid volatility.

    However, if your like me that's using a method that's dependent upon volatility...

    Trading has been awesome since June 2007.

    Therefore, if volatility is a big concern...

    You need to integrate volatility analysis into your trade methodology so that you'll know when to stay on the sidelines and when to be active in trading.

    Last of all, the 9:15am - 11am est time slot you've designated can be very volatile more often than not for the Index Futures.

    Therefore, you already have a conflict via not wanting something volatile but only able to trade that time period. :confused:

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    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply Mark :).

    So far my experiences are mostly with the US market, but I am definitely looking into the European ones.