Seeking specifics on SVXY construction

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  1. I am trying to understand how SVXY price is impacted thru the VIX Futures change-over each month. This should be in the Prospectus, but my eyes glaze over before I find the "beef". I have a rough understanding of the changing ratio of short Front month /VX to short next month /VX, but there seems to be a tweak or resizing that also occurs that I would like to understand.
    Preferably if someone could point me to the page and paragraph of the detail for this within the Prospectus, I will be most grateful.
    Pardon my ignorance for Prospectus data extraction!
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  4. Wow! Thanks!
    I'll be chewing on this for a bit!

    Many thanks! :)
  5. i960: Thanks. I knew I had seen that before, but my memory keeps leaking out somewhere!

    Many thanks for you guys helping an old forgetful fart.
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