Seeking solution: IB's basket order doesn't support attached orders

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by isaac000, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Currently I am using IB's basket order function to load bunch of stock orders into TWS to execute. It has been working perfectly for me, but there's one feature I need that is not supported by basket orders. I need every order to have an attached "profit taking" limit order.

    Since my trading system can generate any format of text order file, I have been looking for 3rd party tools with that feature. NinjaTrader and Tradebullet came close but don't seem to support attached order either.

    Does anyone know any other 3rd party tools for IB that can read text order files, AND support attached orders? Or any tricks for TWS' basket order to make it take attached orders? Thanks in advance.
  2. i would contact the programers and ask them if they can add it. i have found them willing to listen and have been able to get a few functions added to tws.
  3. I have talked to IB on the phone quite a while ago. The IB support guy said he'd register my request but there's no ETA. They enhanced basket order functionality at builder 845, but the support of attached orders wasn't there.