Seeking reputable reliable prop firm for new 2.8 mill usd fund account.

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  1. Hi,

    I represent a small private equity fund based in Asia who have recently taken on new investment
    capital to the sum of 2.8 mill usd.
    We have up until now been trading this capital via a number of brokers or banks,
    UBS, International Brokers, and some others.

    This is not ideal but it was a result of rapid growth and we are now looking to consolidate to one or two accounts that can meet all our requirements.

    Im hoping the representatives of firms on this forum or any knowledgeable individuals can assist with providing information and quotes from suitable providers
    so we can find the most appropriate solution for us.

    I will list our requirements as they currently stand and am happy to take any advice, suggestions or recommendations from the users of this forum.

    Really appreciate all and any help with this.

    Thanks in advance.

    The following are our requirements:

    1: Limited liability account.
    2: Access to the following markets:

    - Major forex currency pairs
    - FX Futures
    - Equity Index Futures (U.S and Asian initially).

    3: Leverage available (varied requirements for this).
    4: Competitive commisions/spreads (we currently have a rebate structure which works better for us so would also wish to discuss this)
    5: Leased Line available from Asia. (hong kong server)
    6: Choice of software platforms.
    7: Technical Support available during asian and u.s market hours (hong kong market hours for asia)
    8: A Sqauwk or analyst news feed would also be desirable if available.
  2. I know a hedge fund, you can trust your money with me.
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    Do UBS take accounts that small?
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    2.8 Mil. Yes, they take accounts smaller than that.
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    I think this is going to be the issue that narrows the pool down a lot for you. As far as I know, only the biggest clearing firms has servers located in Asia and in the US. You know, GS, Calyon, Man, UBS, etc. etc.
  6. Services like BT Radianz or Yipes sure have offices in HK..
  7. Why you want to invest other people money in a prop firm?
    Are you legally able to do so? Do you need your customers written consent?

    I ask this because many prop firms lose money. The ones that profit usually just borrow from a bank, so you'll only get active bank rates, at most.
    Also most individuals that invest in prop firms lose money, so be careful.

    Why not managed accounts with a reputable CTA?, Or just invest in a hedge fund?
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    Ok. But I am assuming by Hong Kong server, the OP wants the clearing firm to have their order servers in Hong Kong. Maybe I'm wrong, but Radianz and Yipes only connect you from point A to point B. There still has to be a point B to connect to.

    For example, if I trade HSI futures from Asia through a small US based clearing operation, I'm pretty my order will travel from Asia to the US based server and back to the exchange in Asia. You can use Yipes or Radianz, but if your clearer's servers are in the the US that's where you're order has to go. As opposed to having a firm like UBS or IB with servers in Asia and still allow you to trade US products. Then you can connect to Asian Servers and not go through the US for your orders.
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