Seeking reputable B-D to develop hedge fund business

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by riskcontrol, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Our hedge fund consulting firm specializes in fund due diligence and tactical asset allocation and would like to expand its product offerings by forming a strategic alliance with a reputable B-D. We would like to set up a 3rd party marketing of hedge funds within this B-D. We own a prop software for analyzing hedge funds, optimizing portfolios of funds and managing risk; prop database of over 1000 managers; a list of 3000 qualified investors (domestic and int'l) ready to be called once we get affiliated with a B-D; excellent relationships with a large number of successful managers (all strategies) ready to sign referral agreements. We are in talks with two B-Ds for possible partnership but would like to meet with several more before selecting the right partner. If you own a B-D and would like to enter into this line of business, please send me your contact info. Requirements: B-Ds located in the Tri State Area; already licensed to provide private placements; clean regulatory record. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, but you're a HF consultancy and you're asking that question? Here?

    Ever heard of Bear Stearns?
  3. Why not start your own BD specifically for PP`s? And why not post a link to your HF consulting firm so we can have a looksee?
  4. Hedge funds are a terribly exciting business nowadays. What, with their exceptional 5% year to date returns and all!
  5. Yeah but as a consultant you refer money to hedge funds and make a percentage of the money referred or you get a permanent piece of the management and incentive fees no matter how the hedge fund performs.... nice litte vig a hedge fund consultant takes
  6. I call those types bloodsucking parasites.