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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Cpt Jack, May 14, 2009.

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    Cpt Jack

    I am an active trader who currently trades the soybean, corn and mini SP's. I have developed trading software and I am looking for an opportunity to sit down with a proprietary trading firm and discuss some possiblilities.

    The basis of the software is trading what you see and not what you think or feel. The algorithm's core engine is centered around price and supply/ demand characteristics. This prevents the trader in holding a losing position too long while taking full advantage of trend expansion moves. Many algorithms are designed with current market criteria as the focus. These often fail over time as markets will always do the unexpected. The trading system software was created to be applied to any financial instrument in any time frame thus trading size and capacity is not an issue. The trading system can be run as high frequency or low frequency depending on market conditions. The trading software brings to the trader:

    1. A sound methodology
    2. Business trading plan
    3. Entries, Exits and 1st objectives based on avereage true range.

    The trading software can be applied to options. Based on your criteria I can customize the system for how you want to trade options.