seeking prop firm 2k-3k deposit

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mitwave, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. mitwave


    looking for a prop firm that allows 2k-3k deposit, no sterling.
    and monthly fee below 100.
  2. LEAPup


    Is this a joke?:confused:
  3. Just practice on SIM. 2k deposit... you will either not make anything or likely blow out very honestly.

    Your time is best spent backtesting or observing the market if thats all you are willing to risk.

    All the best.
  4. No Prop Firm Accept less than 5K account except World trade securities . I know they open account with even $ 1500

    I dont think you should consider them at all, because i dont think they have a good review and there all alot of negative comments about them.

    from the other side, what do you think you can acheive with 2 to 3K account , lets say you get 30 to 60 K buying power. with a max stopl loss of 100-500 $ per day!

    So i suggest you if you dont have enough capital dont think of openning any account and save your money

    But in case that you want to go ahead with your plan you might consider the following. Just call them your self and negotiate , show them your previous trading history you might be lucky and one ogf them open an account with 2K to 3K

    T3 Capital , solid firm Min account requirement 5K

    SMB capital Good people you have to pay them 7K to 10 K . they implement lots of restrictions but this is for your own good ,

    Star alliance capital they use Black wood , part of dimension good people

    Min account is 5K

    coastaltrade you might be able to open an account with them less than 5K not that solid as others but hey for 3K account no solid firm will get you

    good luck
  5. Basquiat


    Why would anyone put any money up? Any firm with good risk management and a real edge wouldn't need your risk deposit. Think peeps. Think
  6. Lucias


    While by no means prop trading, you might take a look at the ES E-mini or NADEX spreads. However, if you just want to get around PDT and need leverage, either of those options may be attractive. You might also look into MBTrading's Forex offering. Note, that is probably not enough by any means to trade the futures, I think 7k-15k would be minimum for day trading and most places require 5k to open account. However, I think either NADEX or MBTrading's Forex might be a good fit for you.

  7. Any of these have an automated trading platform?
  8. Basquiat


    Why is any deposit needed? A firm with a real edge and solid risk control doesn't need s deposit. Seriously folks, wake up
  9. Agree... but the vast majority of traders will lose $$... this is how they hedge the losses from those traders. It also weeds out those that are not serious about trading. If I ran a prop firm I would charge a deposit for sure... I would probably also give it back after the trader has proven themselves...
  10. Basquiat


    Well if thats the case the prop firm needs to get a better hiring procedure

    In addition, the prop firm shouldbe providing the edge not the trader.
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