Seeking phone broker for pit & Eurex trading

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  1. ET members, I ask for your recommendations of futures brokers who match my unusual requirements:

    1. ORDERS BY TELEPHONE. Not computer, not web-page, not Java applet. Voice on the phone, complete with order read-back and ticket numbers and the whole deal.

    2. POSITION TRADING, 50 round-turns per month, average trade duration = 5-10 days, system uses daily bars. This isn't daytrading.

    3. ACCOUNT TRADES PIT FUTURES including corn, cocoa, cattle, orange juice. This rules out IB and other "electronic markets only" brokers.

    4. ACCOUNT TRADES EUREX AND LIFFE CONTRACTS TOO including Bund, Long Gilt, DAX, London Robusta Coffee. This rules out lots of brokers who only handle e-mini's and a handful of North American contracts. Such as Churchill.

    Thanks for any help. Special thanks for specific recommendations including specific names of actual people that you've actually worked with!

  2. DSX


  3. I would have to think REFCO

    and maybe EDF MANN

    are qualified for what you want to do

    good luck
  4. For what it's worth, here are the top 5 "futures brokerages" (which is a separate category than "direct-access futures brokerages") listed in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, 2005 Readers' Choice Awards bonus issue:


    Man Financial




    You could probably do worse than start your research there. I've omitted the category winner, Tradestation, because I don't believe they meet your criteria.
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    Contact Art Liming at 800-776-7949 or 312-896-2031.

    20 years experience. Clears Man.