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    I am looking for good and proven strategies to form partnership for prop trading business. I have half million to put in and willing to share 50% equity share of the company. I would prefer automated, HFT, arbitrages type but open to other too
  2. Mark, are you in linkedin? Let’s get connected so we can chat outside of a public forum. I'm a software engineer with a solid system that I've spent the last few years developing and currently thinking out next step options while staying gainfully employed- Duncan
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    Mark, I can't PM you, bizarre.... :confused:

    I have automated strategies working well in the past 3 years, and I have currently put more than half million on trading. But I don't know how to raise more money to build up my career.

    Please contact me and let's discus. My email:

    globalarbitrager AT gmail
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    Have a similar plan that I have been working on for a while now. Have been developing systems with that in mind and also software that would be required to achieve that goal.

    I am a seasoned trader and am looking to develop this into a scalable business. I have also been looking for partners to work work on this project. Not just from a financial perspective but more from a work load perspective. Someone who understands the markets fluently and how to take their trading to the next level.
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    I have been developing the same idea for a while now. I have been looking for partners who will work with me to buikd and manage the business.

    I am not looking for just financial partners but have in the past looked for working partners.

    I have been developing stystems and software for thet purpose. I would be interested in hearing from likeminded people.
  6. hi everyone,

    this is a great thread.

    where are you guys? are any of you in the UK?

    I would be very keen to discuss partnerships.

    on another note, if you guys have reputable experiences and hard evidence of your track record with good performance (sharp ration 1.5+) there are several avenues for raising capital (10mm to 100m).
  7. ? may need to have atleast 25 "valid" posts before you can use the PM function. :cool:
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    Yes I am based in London. What kind of trading do you do?
  9. hi nice to meet you.

    I'm particularly interested in automated systematic strategies, mostly equities, fx but also other markets. the idea really is to work together to develop a venture.
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    Have you guys ever visited There are a lot automated system running there, waiting for investors and subscribers....

    But it is really difficult to achieve in algo trading. The randomness of market make it much much more difficult than you imaging, IMO.
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