Seeking Open source backtesting engine ??

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  1. Hi,
    I started building a backtesting engine in C++ to use with IB market data, but now I'm thinking not to reinvest the wheel.
    Are there any robust open source solutions? Please comment if you have used one. Thanks
  2. I can recommend tradelink... it works with IB as-is, as well as 12 other brokers. It's open source under LGPL and totally free :

    Regarding backtesting :
    * the tradelink simulator provides full tick-level simulation including l2/depth if available...
    * very fast it plays back ticks between 200,000-800,000 ticks/second.
    * It will do realistic portfolio playbacks, so it's easy to test basket or arbitrage strategies in addition to single symbol setups
    * backtester execution engine supports limit/market/stop orders for fills out of the box
    * There are three different off the shelf playback programs included in the package, and if you don't like those you can build you own GUI/app around the HistoricalSimulator component which provides the features above
  3. Hi tradelink,

    I was looking at your work and it is a major development, you probably spent thousants of hours of hard work towards that. Why are you giving it away for free? Why didn't you develop a commercial product to sell? Another question. Since it is open source, can commercial companies take your code and develop their own products? What do you get out of that? Just a few questions.
  4. if you are a hedge fund trading OPM, you need to have full control and transparency that comes with source code. I originally built tradelink because I came from one of the largest commodity funds and when I left I wanted the same power I had at this fund, but I felt it was stupid that everybody was reinventing the wheel and I couldn't find open source finance solutions of the same caliber as open source products in the academic/IT space. so I opened sourced the commodity elements of my platform and called it tradelink. that was 2.5 years ago and tradelink has evolved a lot since.

    we do happen to sell commercial products built ontop of tradelink. we don't talk about them on elite trade because we honor their no spam/no commercial posting request.

    glad you like the product.
  5. Thanks. I guess the fund you worked for allowed you to take the source code with you. That is unusual though. Anyway, do you have a commercial website?
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    Tradelink, just out of curiocity, do you make a commission each time your open source software connects to a broker and places a trade? I mean, is it essentially acting as an introducing broker?
  7. not an introducing broker. don't make comissions.
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    Tradelink looks great, but it seems to be Windows only. Would it run on Mac/Linux with Mono?
  9. it should yes although you may have to modify the pathnames.

    if somebody with a mac/linux figures it out we'll incorporate it into the release.

    note that not all the brokers' software will run on windows (although if you have a windows machine you can run broker software there and run tradelink on other machines).
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