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    I am seeking a MySql guru with help in "tuning" the current MySql database design/configuration I currently have for a web based application.

    I am a programmer but am new to MySql and need make sure my design is optimal.

    Please PM me for further details.

  2. what kind of tuneing are you talking about..... are you at all well read in Database admin?
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    I am not a DBA but know enough to be dangerous:)

    Looking for guidance on table structure and configuring the database settings. On my own I have been able to greatly improve performance but want to get someone's time who is a MySql expert to see if there are better approaches or simple things I may be missing.

  4. i'm on the same level as you are... but my first thoughts are... whats the hardware your using.. your only as good as your hardware can be... I suggest raiding SSD's with SATA 3 connections like for example these drives

    .. now most likely your not on your own box... your using a hosting environment.. shop hosting environments.. get a dedicated box if you have to.. hardware means alot... Co locate your own server.. theres a bunch of options there.. but definitly consider it heaavy on your budget to optimize..

    read this..

    my experience.. even if you pay slash or get free advice from a DBA your at a big advantage if you know what you need already... kind of like going to the mechanic and just throwing your hands up.. instead of saying.. hay how much for a water pump mine is blown.. you get the point..

    have the problem with DB's is they are on shared resources.. and you can't control as much as you need to... you want to be the sole allocater of your resources.. forget shared hosting.. i can go on..and on.. but next would be optimizing your queries.... if you index a query that you use all the time..and just reference the index quiery.. its super fast.. its already got the map ... mapping to commonly used queries..

    i've read a few books on this.. but its been a while.. i don't have much practical expereience.. but like everything else.. i learn it so i know what i want and i can shop it..
  5. theres a guy on here called oracle wizard.. i would guess he knows a bit.. but then again he seemed to be looking for investors for his fund.. he might not be interested in helping anypne
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    thanks for the info cdcaveman. Our plan is to lease a dedicated box. Right now our dev environment is a shared box but my goal is to get the database optimized then get a dedicated box when we go live with our project.
  7. I have always liked this subject believe it or not.... my best friend works at a company supporting clustering software for large storage arrays..... good luck
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    thanks for the links guys!
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