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  1. tr51


    I am presently running two monitors ( dell 24" and Dell 20") on a Dell XPS 400. My video card is a factory installed NVIDIA GeForce 6800.

    I want to add another Dell 20" therefore:

    A) what do I need to do regarding the video an additional card of the same brand/model or...............a another card (quad)?

    B) with windows XP, can I manage 3 screens or do I need an even 4 to manage my desk top. My thinking is to us one screen for IB/button trader and the other two for charting.

    Tks in advance for any advise
  2. buybig


    there are others w/ more knowlege than I .

    I am doing the same thing.

    right now I have dual head card in the PCI-E slot.

    I plan on adding a PCI dual head card in an extra pci bus.

    keep the card mfg chip set the same (nvidia for you).
  3. Just add another video card with a dual output, you can later scale to 4 monitors if you want to. And yes, I would stick to Nvidia

    Good trading

  4. tr51


    After having a close look at the mother board, it looks like there are no slots for a second video card.

    Any suggestions regarding a quad DVI card? ....or is this not advised

  5. buybig


    are you sure? right now the card should be PCI-e or AGP.. your right there is only one pci-e or agp but there should be atleast 1-2 pci slots. they may be occupied though. I only have 2 pci slots so i plan on removing my dial up modem. dont everplan on using it.

    take a pic of your MOBO and post it.
  6. tr51



    I'll power her down later for a another look. I recall seeing additional empty slots (white) which where not as long as the video card rqmnt. My ram memory occupied one of them.
  7. since you have a 6800, thats a AGP card so you don't have pci-e slots. Your only option is to get a standard PCI card, try matrox.
  8. tr51


    tks acerbits

    any possibility of a conflict with the nvidia?
  9. buybig


    if the extra white slot was right next to Ram bus its probably for another ram stick. they usually run perpendicular the the other cards. could be wrong though.

    i would really think you would have a PCI slot available.. it may be occupied by a nic card or modem.

    what else can you plug into the back of your computer?

    1) monitor
    2) NIC card/modem

    anything else?
  10. I use an old Appian quad AGP that works great (Jeronomo Pro). You can find em cheap on Ebay. Drivers may be tough, but I could always email you a copy. These are old suckers, but I would assume it would run on Vista (I am running mine on XP).

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