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  1. I am 26 years old, living in Chicago. I have some experience trading both prop and retail. I absolutely love trading, but am having a really difficult time securing a job at a reputable prop firm. I currently write for a financial news site. I follow the markets all day long when I am writing. I suggest trading ideas, offer market commentary and updates. I enjoy it a lot, but I am not trading right now and that is causing me a lot of psychological pain. I want so badly to make a career out of trading, yet I just cannot seem to catch a break. I believe that I am intelligent, and feel as if I am getting more and more in tune with the market everyday. I follow equities, futures, options, and currency markets. I went to a good school, graduated with a high GPA, and score very high on tests such as SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc. I am looking for someone that shares my passion for the markets. Currently no one in my life is working in finance or even interested in the markets. If there is anyone in Chicago that loves trading and just wants to talk with someone who feels the same, please respond or send me a message. Also, I am series 7 licensed, although I realize that doesn't mean too much. I just want to meet people who share my passion.
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