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  1. I'm seeking a trading mentor. I'm looking for someone who trades because they love trading. They would be interesting in mentoring me to encourage someone with a similar love for trading.

    Hopefully he/she has posted in ET so that I can read up on his/her method and style. Prefer a trader geared towards currencies & equities.

    If you are interested, please send me a PM.
  2. The question that everyone will want to know - what are you offering in return? Are you willing to pay for this? Willing to share in profits?

    That's the question for the mentor right? What's in it for me?

  3. My feeling is that the act of being a mentor to someone is of more value than what is received from the student. So that part of the reason someone would want to mentor me would be because he/she would feel that helping out another individual is rewarding in itself. I would like to keep all other details of any mentoring arrangement private. If you want to know in general what I have to offer, send me a PM and I’ll give you a quick answer. If you are serious then we should arrange a telephone conversation to talk in detail.
  4. seeking - these type of posts pop up a couple times a month on this site. It's basically someone asking for a map to the easy street and offering nothing in return.

    Here's what I mean ... Personally, I have spent YEARS AND THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of dollars fine tuning my trading. Now, why on Earth would I just turn all this over to a complete stranger simply for the sake of being a great person? I've paid my dues and why shouldn't you? Why should I spend countless hours 'mentoring' you, aka giving you my entire trading plan on a platter, to help a stranger out?

    Sorry if that is too up front, but it's very realistic. Perhaps you will receive some PM's of good samaritans here, but I would not count on it. Now, if you are willing to pay me $500,000 up-front and then a % of profits, we can chat. :D
  5. Hey man,
    Welcome to your tutoring section here you can find everything. All you have to do is read. Here is an advise. Go to Search type in hershey trading system. Then type in systems. Then just read. That your mentoring section.

    Good luck.
  6. traderob


    where's mike parker or austinp?
  7. If you're going to try this at least go big, give PTJ, Seykota, Marcus, Buffett or Cohen a buzz.
  8. I stated I had things to offer in return which I would make known through PM.
    I like people who are upfront. That is too much money for me. Thank you for the comments.
  9. I agree there are amazing resources on ET. I will continue to read through them, including the many posts from Hershey.
  10. I actually received a very nice PM from an individual but became suspicious and responded poorly, probably loosing any chance of help from him.
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