Seeking Mentor - Will to pay right mentor Looking for real deal

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    I am seeking out a well experienced and profitable options trader to take me under there wing and train. I am will to pay for this education - no problem. However I have my criteria as well. But most importantly, I would like a mentor who a good person and has good character and is actively trading. Someone who eats their own cooking. I have met enough ego inflated traders/mentors. I have also paid mentors before and been extremely disappointed.

    I am tired of traders saying what they make, I want to see.

    If anyone can suggest or provide any guidance in my search I would appreciate it.
  2. I'L HELP YOU FOR FREE WHEN I CAN...I have been a premium writer for ten years ion teh futures markets.
    I do spreads as well.
    I do not know how much time I can commit, but I will be honest with you.
  3. yet you are not deterred.......

  4. A) You have no idea what you are asking for. You are disappointed with the quality, but you are getting what you pay for. A mentor who can REALLY trade, and he does not need your meager few thousand, for the hassle of trying to open your eyes.

    You treat this like comparison shopping - you basically want everything, yet you are offering nothing - pennies on the dollar. Again, no one who knows their stuff is interested in being grilled and proving it to you. You are NOT worth the pittance you offer for the aggravation you will cause.

    So your offer is going to attract charlatans, paper traders and liars. And the truth is, are you REALLY willing to spend the thousands of hours it really takes to become a successful trader, or are you lazy and looking for a way out?

    That is why you were burned before.

    B) Rather than limiting yourself to options, why don't you focus on learning to trade? Who cares if it is futures, forex, stocks, options or something else, as long as you make money?
  5. It has been said before, the handful of successful options traders here will most likely have no interest in taking a small fee to teach you how to trade. If you are willing to put in the extraordinary amount of time and work to learn how to trade there are those here that will help you along the way for free. I have said it before but most are looking for quick answers and don’t listen: you need to learn how to trade first and then spend time learning about options. Options give the successful trader additional latitude and profitable opportunities, but options in and of themselves will never make an unsuccessful trader profitable.
  6. mentors can only do one thing that staring at a monitor all day or reading a book cant... and that is to tell you what a good job your doing and how well your coming along.

    conformation brings comfort.

    on your own... ur not quite sure if the points and observations you make are of value.... so you are willing to pay for that assurance.

    what you will not pay for is learning how to become profitable ..... no matter how much money you have.

    think of it this way,,,, you are about to cross a maze, and are afraid you may not find your way out, so you pay for someone to join you.... someone who has already crossed the maze.... someone who is not as unsure as you... who is familiar with the turns. But the maze that person already crossed was his maze ..... not yours. His confidence comes from not crossing the maze, but from the ability to carve out a solution to the problem....

    to carve a path, means to be the forerunner, not the follower
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    Before you pay anyone a consulting fee, I would be happy to converse with you for a month or two on concepts of successful trading that I have found useful. I have traded markets for over 25 years and have evolved to employ a few core strategies that can be deployed for any market you choose to follow. I would like to hear your "war stories" of trading and give you some guidance based on how you look at markets and how much work you want to do to be successful. It sounds like you and I both have a passion to succeed. Hoping to give you a few tips on walking through the minefield of trading without losing too many limbs.
  8. sounds suspicious, especially given 1 post
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    be suspicious of free advice.....just find a prop job, put up some money and go for it....its the best way of knowledge...rarely does something come free....the sooner you trade, quicker you'll make it
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    Yes, I would agree that one should be suspicious of all trading posts and advisors, free as well as paid. I take everything I read with a large grain of salt. There is no easy road to successful trading. Parting this thread with two basic thoughts to consider:
    1) Start with a money management / risk management plan that will keep you in the game even after a string of losses. Losses are part of trading and the obvious reason most would be traders crash and burn. Half the game is staying in the game. If you don’t have a money/risk management plan and follow it with an iron discipline, your days as a trader are numbered.
    2) Try for small base hits as you learn what the market has to offer you. Set your profit targets and stop loss limits before you enter any trade. Stand aside if you don’t see a clear direction.

    Good luck to all

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