seeking lowest CL daytrade margin

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  1. will change to get low, low CL daytrade margin...what are the lowest CL daytrade margins you are seeing per broker...again, just interested in CL daytrade margins...thanks!
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    There is always QM :D
  3. Don't be a fool.

    Don't trade anything unless you can put up the full margin for each contract you trade.

    Margins are not your problem. capitalization is.
  4. Probably giving drugs to an addict, but theres on answer for CL : spreads. $400 margin for a calendar. Fronts move more than the backs, and thats about it.
  5. yea if you like spreads as wide as the grand canyon and about as much volume as water in the sahara desert...:p
  6. 1-I am not a fool at all
    2-totally disagree...sounds like "old mutual fund" wisdom
    3-okay, than lets wait around to get $100,000 in my account to trade...ah no way!
  7. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....yawn....ZZZZZZZZZZ.....yawn....wake me up when the spreads maek some money...ZZZZZZZZZZ
  8. come on guys...please direct me to those brokerages that offer low CL daytrade margins...please help!!
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    $3,300 from GlobalFutures. I think Velocity has $2,000 also...
  10. Mirus Futures.
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