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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Torontoymtrader, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good live chat room / blog for e-mini daytraders ?
  2. I was in the tigertraders room on Paltalk the other day and it seemed like a pretty good room but they are touchy as hell. If you leave early or skip a day or something they will kick you out or turn off your sound. I didnt last long.
  3. jswieton


    I would try if you are a YM or ES trader. I have been a member for a month and they have realy helped
  4. Tcbjx9


    someone already mentioned this but i also second the vote for i've learned a lot there and dont mind speaking out
  5. Thanks TC.
  6. ssblack


    I've heard good about Puretick.

    FuturesAction is also good, but not sure if they take any new subscribers. I know Chris well and he's a great trader - by great I mean he follows his plan, tells stops and exits, and is honest about losses.

    Of course their PNL is nice as well.

    no affiliation, just a great friend of mine!
  7. mde2004

    mde2004 is the best and I recommend.
  8. I think i will be taking the puretick 10 day trial and see how it works out
    i have been beaten up trading the YM :mad: :eek: :confused:
  9. Thanks for the compliment mde

  10. FuturesAction has a noticably empty performance page. Did they blow up, and plan to rejigger the track record??
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