Seeking futures products to trade outbreaks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ToyotaCamry, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. What would be good products to trade outbreaks/breakouts in the futures market ? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. You definitely need something with a lot of range. HSI is your best bet.
  3. What is HSI ?
  4. Ripley is doing a google search right now. Stay tuned.
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    HSI stands for Hong Skong Index and it is the Index for Hong Kong. It has all the top stocks for Hong Kong. And it is open from 6 pm to 3 am EST
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  7. Question now is, this HSI thing and the Crude, are they on TT ? I mean what exchanges are these traded on ?
    Please forgive me if my questions show ignorance.
  8. Its OK.. n00bs are supposed to be ignorant and gullible.

    You can trade HSI through IB, and last time I checked the margin to trade 1 contract was around $3000.

    You can trade the E-mini version of Crude Oil from the NYMEX and the symbol is QM. The margin usually is around $1000 and is broker specific
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