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  1. Hi Guys,

    I trade mainly ES mini futures. That gives me 50x leverage in US Equity markets...0.25c movement is 12.5 impact on my portfolio.... I simply love it!

    I recently started to trade NQ but it gives me only 20x! I figured that this might be due to higher volatility of NQ index? And that "effective risk" is actually same? Am I right?

    Now, I would like to extend my trading activities to other asset classes for example:

    1. Emerging Markets
    2. Commodities
    3. US Real Estate
    4. Bonds
    5. Gold
    6. Dollar

    Do you know what are the best leveraged products out there? ideally effective leverage 50x or equivalent volatility adjusted leverage... doesn't really matter.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. 1) The eMini with intra-day margin can have the highest leverage though you should still be respectful of intra-day volatility.
    2) You may be able to trade certain calendar spreads with no margin and be marked-to-market at the end of the day. Again, you have to respect the market's volatility. :cool:
  3. Yeah
  4. If you want a market that can move, check out oil (CL).

    Today is a fun chart to look at b/c of inventory so you will see some moves - either great or crazy depending on your trading style.

    Note - inventory typically on Wed @ 1030AM EST but can change w/ holidays
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    Gold and the dollar both have futures you can trade, so those are easy.
  6. German Dax, Crude Oil CL, Gold GC. You want it, here it is!
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    You can't get as much leverage but still a good amount (and 50x leverage on equity indices is suicide imo) on the MSCI Emerging Markets (Futures). In case you want to diversify.

    Also on a sidenote I find this index to be somewhat leading. It's always interesting to watch different indices that don't have a lot to do with each other for obvious reasons.
  8. u talking about the MSCI that trades on liffe, haha 25 contracts traded today. how do you trade that?

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    Ok in the first place it's very possible and in some cases a lot easier to trade illiquid instruments and secondly the one I am referring to is

    edit: Can't paste, just search for msci emerging markets on yahoo finance and select futures only and you'll find the one that trades on the CME. I think the volume is about 2000-4000 daily and the spread iisn't horrible either (though obviously not as tight as other e-mini futures)

    edit2: You can also use an ETF but those suck so I wouldn't but it's possible.
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