Seeking for a qualified systematic trader.

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  1. It's been about 3 months out of ET and my first post back is this...

    I've asked and given permission by Baron and Joe to allow me to post this so mods. please don't delete this.


    General Requirements
    Minimum Experience: Level Over 5 years
    Career Level: Mid Career
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Job Description
    We are a private trading firm. 70% of the capital is provided by myself and the rest of the capital is provided by a small number of institutional investors. Our investment strategy is Automated trading using Technical Analysis based systems and Quantitative models. Due to increased workload, I am looking to hire a few people.

    The primary responsibilities for this role will be to:
    * Develop strategies to maximize performance.
    * Assist and develop IT infrastructure for implementation of the strategies.
    * Actively monitor all the models.

    Required Skills
    * 5+ years of discretionary trading in a professional environment.
    * 3+ years of develop technical trading systems.
    * Programming in C#.
    * Direct experience implement automated strategies using FIX.
    * Moderate understanding of Computational Finance.

    * Experience trading in an institutional environment (Prop. desk / internal HFs. Not Sales Trading or Dealing desk).
    * Direct experience managing order flow using multiple Darkpool and Insitutional (for-execution) Algorithmic trading.
    * Familiarity with Machine Learning and Optimization Algorithm.


    OK... the above is the snippets of the general stuff you see on Monster or CareerBuilder...

    Considering this being ET, I'm adding that:

    1. This is not a mentoring service or a spam. So I don't expect anyone to pay me anything.

    2. I am not looking to buy a system in ET. I'm looking to pay for the person's ability and mind to develop system, not the system themselves. What ever you've developed or develop outside of the job is yours. Whatever you decide to run on our servers is for the firm to keep.

    3. No Tradestation, Wealth-Lab or other packages. I have a C# Library that sends orders to a customized-QuickFIX server. Though... if you already have your own Java or C++ based OMS engine, all you have to do is to code up the socket protocol.

    4. This is not a remote / contract development deal. On location, full time "hire". So you have to relocate to Tokyo for this.

    5. Salary is negotiable, starting in the 6 digits. Performance incentives will be paid at the end of each fiscal year. Breifly speaking:

    ----- Your own capital (You don't have to):
    You keep 100% of the return and you can trade it however you like. Simply, it's your cash... do whatever you like. It's not for me to get involved with.
    ----- My capital:
    You keep 50% of the return and how I allocate the capital depends on the portfolio model and my decision.
    ----- OPM:
    You keep 10% of the return with OPM's stuff, the allocation depends on the portfolio model and my decision.

    6. There will be limits of access. Especially for the servers running the models. My limits will be within what the firm runs. You provide the models, then I implement them in our server. Whatever you run, personally, will be yours in a different server in which you provide on your own. So... there's going to be a definite firewall.

    7. Finally, if I've been actively posting in ET... then there must be others who has the appropriate ability.

    For more details, PM me.

    PS. I'm a pleasant person out of ET.
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    I know Gann. He is the only person on ET that literally looks like this--> :D
  3. ...

    I'd just like to mention that I am not looking for a programmer.

    I program my own models and systems. I don't expect others to do it for me and expect to do it for others. I am looking for traders.

    Thank you and apologies if I've confused anyone.
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    I don't get it? Min 5 years exeprience in trading? You are pretty much trying to steal a model from someone who knows one. Why would anyone with a working model offer you a split for a measly 6 figure salary in Tokyo.
  5. I don't see what you are saying in what was requested. There is nothing wrong paying someone to trade. In fact, there may be some people who could not do this seriously, unless they could land a job doing it.
  6. Then... what would be a good deal?
  7. In light of the open discussion I can propose the opposite deal in New York.

    We have our own working systems are more looking for qualified executioners, etc.
    Basically the exact opposite.
  8. In Japan? Unless you have an asian fetish a big hell no.

    Who wants to see midgets walking around like ants in a crazy populated city like tokyo.