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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trend456, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. I'm currently trying to find a proprietary trading firm interested in hiring new traders in the Chicago Area. I just moved from California and I don't have enough information. If anybody has information on this subject please e-mail.

    Thank you.

  2. Why move from California, the golden shores, to Chicago without a job?

    Bright is big in Chicago. Schonfeld, Generic, Echo, ETG all the usual suspects are there...
  3. I lived in California for 12 yrs. and you get sick and tired of living there. I think it's a nice place to retire but if you're serous about making money it's not the place to be.

  4. I lived in chicago for 30 and cal for 3, and find it a great mix...BEWARE of 1 thing, there are thousands of people on the CBOT,CBOE and CME(now that the fed is on hold even they are getting worried) who are actively looking right now.... I just thought you might want to know that going in.
  5. Thanks OvertheLine.

    Do you think that would cause an increase in the job because of the higher demand towards this particular job?
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    I have a question about prop firms. Do they all just deal with equity, or are there some that do other stuff like futures and bonds.
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    Not right now, but if your licensed you will have an advantage over many of them....If you can price options and manage a option position, this will also help...
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    in chitown the name of the game is derivatives and remember , fixed income derivatives are huge there
  9. I've taken the Series 3 exam. I'm currently getting a job at a Brokerage firm which is "Temporary." To get started in this city. I'm also not familiar with fixed income derivatives. Would you please describe to me what that is?
  10. Why are they looking now? What does the Fed have to do with this? What are you hinting at?
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