Seeking BlackBox/GreyBox Systems

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  1. Seeking high trade frequency blackbox and greybox systems to put to work. Will provide accts with capital and split net with developer/provider of system. If interested please PM me and we can discuss details.

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  2. Do you want them with or without black swans?

  3. empee


    doe high trade frequency correlate to theoretical higher profits or less risk?

    I think neither IMHO unless your arbing something, but curiously the originator of this discussion puts "high trade frequency" while not defining other things as well such as trade size, markets, overnight or not, etc. I'd think these things are more important than frequency, i mean what about drawdowns, profit factors, etc? I think frequency is probably after all these things, afterall who wants to trade a system that doesn't fit their risk profile (ie what if a swing trader contacted this guy).

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    what is the difference besides color in black and gray box?
  5. Sure, you can have mine. It doesn't work any way. Oh wait, no, it works brilliantly. Makes a 1000% a year. I'll sell it to you for just $25.....
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    Why would someone with a working and profitable system include you in the picture? I am not trying to confront you ...just puzzled.
  7. For the broker - yes. For the speculator - they are orthogonal issues.
  8. Sounds like you are saying something but it means nothing.
  9. It means (a) there is no correlation between trading frequency and profits for the speculator and (b) there shouldn't be an expectation of there being one.
  10. Probably the shapes and some materials of the boxes are not the same, I guess. :confused:
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